Funding Agencies and Projects

German Research Foundation
     -   "Corticosteroid receptor-mediated control of endocrine adipocyte function", 2007-2009
     -   "Neurohumoral regulation of adipose tissue function", 2004-2006
     -   "Regulation of energy homeostasis and insulin resistance by the sympathetic nervous 
          system, leptin, and insulin", 2000-2003
     -   "Crosstalk between Adrenergic and Insulin Signaling Systems", 1997-1999

Federal Ministry of Education and Research
     -   "Adipose transdifferentiation and mineralocorticoid receptor modulation", 2008-2010

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
     -   "Incretin crosstalk with adipose tissue", Feodor-Lynen Fellowship, 2004-2007

German Diabetes Association
     -   "Molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance and obesity", 2000-2002

Translational Research Industry Grants
     -   "Characterisation of functional differences of different fat depots"
          Beiersdorf, Exp. Research, Hamburg, Germany, 2007-2008
     -   "Molecular And Functional Analyses Using A Native Knock-Out Cell System For Cb-1
          And Cb2 Cannabinoid Receptors"
          Aventis-Sanofi, Research and Development, Paris & Berlin, France & Germany, 
     -   "The Endocannabinoid System: Molecular and Clinical Target for Controlling Metabolic & 
          Endocrine Fat Cell Function"
          Aventis-Sanofi, Research and Development, Paris, France & Berlin, Germany, 
     -   "Modulation of Adipocyte Function by Incretins, DPP-IV, and DPP-IV Inhibitors: Clinical 
          Targets of Drug Development"
          Novartis, Biomedical Research, Cambridge, USA, 2004-2006
     -   "Atorvastatin interaction with adipose tissue function"
          Pfizer, Research & Development, New York, USA, 2004-2005

Faculty of Medicine, University of Lübeck
     -   "Regulation of adipogenesis by the incretin hormone GIP", 2007-2008
     -   "Regulation of fat cell function in vivo", 2003-2005
     -    Research Programme  "Glucose and Brain", 2002-2004
     -    Research Programme "Metabolic Syndrome", 2000-2002
     -   "Sympatho-adrenergic regulation of energy metabolism in adipocytes", 1999-2000