Selected Teaching Activities, Faculty of Medicine & Faculty of Sciences and Technology (2003-2009)

-   Introduction to Clinical Reasoning
     -   Clinical Images - Spotting the diagnosis in General Medicine
     -   Lectures on Endocrine Diseases and Diabetology
     -   Molecular Life Science Programme: "Molecular Medicine", module: "Energy

"Bedside Teaching"
  -   Physical Examination
     -   Teaching rounds  "General principles in the approach to the patient"
     -   Bedside Teaching for final-year students

Courses and Seminars
     -   "Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome"
     -   "Intensive Insulin Therapy"
     -   "Update in Internal Medicine" for final-year students: Endocrinology
     -   Communication and Presentation Skills

Practical Training
     -   Bachelor's Students (Molecular Life Science Programme), "Regulation of fat cell

     -   20 Medical Students

Basic Science Training of Students
     -   Introduction to scientific practice
     -   Supervision of Doctoral Theses of Medical Students
     -   Supervision of Bachelor's and Master's Students' Theses